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Sports, P.T. & Yoga

YOGA cultivates competencies in mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and physical fitness. And classroom teachers benefit as well. Taken together, these competencies may lead to improvements in students’ behavior, mental state, health, and performance, as well as teacher resilience, effectiveness and overall classroom climate.  develop a sense of well-being, and will increase their capacity of mental concentration –and also find harmony between the mind and the body. It helps in maintaining complete physical and mental health and balance. In order to cater for the good health of the students yoga training has been included as one of the ways of maintaining physical and mental exercises leading to self-discipline. Physical training also helps to promote all round development of the students. First-Aid is also introduced  in schools because any emergency that occurs can be handled immediately. Ensuring that children are safe while in school is one of the major priorities of parents.