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Health Checkup & First Aid

A team of Doctors visits the Academy periodically and Health Camps are organized under the supervision of various specialists.

Students are not charged for medical examinations, but the school will not be liable for any damage on account of serious injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by a student at any time during the school hours or during P.T. and Games or while moving out with any school party due to default of the students.

Health checkups such as optometry, dental, GP consultation and pediatrics consultation are held to help, prevent and control of many health disorders. Children are examined by a pediatrician. Computerized records of the medical history of each child is maintained by the school. A health information leaflet is also provided to the parents, which enabled the parents to fill up the medical information of their child. This information helps the doctors to compare with their medical sheets and put up a consolidated health profile for all the children in the school. If the doctors find some problem, suggestions are made to consult a specialist The remarks regarding their general body health along with medical advice are recorded in their Health Record or the parents to follow up. First aid is also being provided in case.