Outreach Program

The Academy lays special stress on teaching of Moral Science/Value Education for inculcating moral and spiritual values among the students. Besides during the Morning Assembly students sing devotional songs and offer prayers, and sense of fraternity and brotherhood are promoted by virtue of value education. The teaching periods are set aside for teaching of Moral science and in this regard the Academy follows the basic goal of our County India i.e., a Secular State. The Academy does not impart instructions or propagate any particular religion. Moral and spiritual values are induced by explaining the ethics and their values. The goal is’ to cultivate loving community that practices art of giving ,sharing and caring . It is an invaluable learning lesson for the students. It is  a way of life .

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we get ‘

Our Outreach Programme

We should devote part of our time and energy to personal service . this is a debt that each one of us owe to those unfortunate sisters and brethren who have been deprived by nature or by  society of the advantage or the privilege that we enjoy . it is not enough to give money ; you must give yourself , your time and work . personal service is the first step in moral progress ., as it teaches you to be unselfish ; and unselfish ness is the root of virtue .if you are scholar , your learning does not exempt you from social service each one of us must render personal service to the needy .


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