Co-Curricular Activities

Periodical exhibitions, talent shows and competitions are conducted to instill the spirit of Participation and competition in Children. In order to develop  healthy competitive spirit among students , house system  has proven  an excellent method .It  brings out hidden talent in students and give them an opportunity to explore themselves. House system apart from sports and arts collectively can be used for social welfare and academic projects The feeling of being a part of a certain house involves great pride. For this the school is divided into four Houses namely: Arjun, Bharat, Pratap and Shivaji.The houses are headed by Chief Animators from the educators' side and by the Captains and Vice-Captains from the students side. The House master is assisted by Assistant House Masters , who acts as a parent, guide, philosopher, and friend for every member of the House. A House inherently provides a family atmosphere in making the child physically fit, socially adjusted, emotionally balanced, and morally upright.

Every fortnight  a house is on duty and looks after the morning assembly, clearing supervision & discipline of the school throughout .

The House Coordinating Committee organizes and executes various Inter-House competitions during the academic year.

Both Scholastic and co-scholastic activities are taken into account for determining the position of the Houses. The House that stands first is awarded Championship Trophy. Each House has its own flag which they take out on various occasions such as Annual sports Day, Independence Day and Republic Day.

Besides Teacher’s day, Children Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Hindi Diwas is celebrated and 15 August, 26 January birthdays of a number of Prominent National Leaders are observed.

  1. We believe students who are well-rounded are better prepared for success in the future; thus, our students are offered multiple avenues to shine. To promote self-confidence in the student and to encourage and develop their innate talents, ample avenues are explored such as:
  1. Facilities for swimming (on payment)
  2. Facilities for photography (on payment)
  3. Facilities for boys scouts/girls guides
  4. Painting-Art/Craft
  5. Organizing debates
  6. Hikes/Trekking
  7. Music/Dance/Drama
  8. Science and G.K. Quiz/Art Competitions
  9. Air Pistol/Air Gun Firing
  10. Inter School Competition

We also create opportunities for students to develop confidence and compete with other schools. So that they are able to take peer pressure. We organize the following-

  1. Inter-School Mathematics competitiion.
  2. Inter-School Drawing competitiion.
  3. Inter-School Dance & Singing competitiion.
  1. Air Pistol and Air Gun Sport Shooting Range
    An international standard Air Pistol and Air Gun Shooting Range has been installed by experts in the school campus. The aim is to train young boys and girls in the proper handling and accurate firing of Air pistols and Air Guns for entertainment, sport and competition. This enables students to develop character, self-control, confidence, concentration and self-discipline. The pupils team/sports on some extra payment.
  1. Melas
    Bal Melas, Fests and Carnivals are organized on special occasions in the school campus for the recreation and entertainment to pupils.


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