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The academy is affiliated to the central board of secondary education (c.b.s.e), delhi upto 10+2 level.



The medium of instruction in all the classes is executed  in English but in primary and middle sections the instructions medium are being modulated and manipulated in easy English. Even if the instructions are not being understood, instruction in Hindi can be resorted to. 
Our multidimensional academic approach fosters critical thinking and creative problem solving .RISHABH ACADEMY is a place where hard work and knowledge are coalesced to explore and chart a unique course of study. Through our integrated curriculum, students can pursue multiple pathways and disciplines.  In pursuance of compatible with the modern technology SMART CLASS solution  has also been introduced and implemented 

The formal education in English, Hindi, Arithmetic, Environmental Studies, Art and Craft is introduced at   categorized stages .
Note: Class Strength is up to 40 pupils in each class/section


(a) Primary Classes: I-V

(i) Languages: English and Hindi
(ii) Third Language: Sanskrit (Class VI onwards)
(iii) Other Subjects: Mathematics,, Environmennt Studies, Computer, General Knowledge, Art and Craft, Music and Physical Health. Education/PT-Games, Moral Science, Work Experience or S.U.P.W. ( Clay Moulding , Card Board M, Model, Paper Cutting etc.


(b) Middle Classes

(i) Languages: English and Hindi
(ii) Third Language: Sanskrit (upto Class VIII)
(iii) Other Subjects: Mathematice, social science , computer science, General knowledge, art & craft, Music. Physical health education/PT-Game, moral science/value education, Work experience of S.U.P.W.(needle work, pot painting,pin painting, nib painting. stuffed toys, Cookin, stitching & embroidery) & environmental education


(c) Secondary Casses: The Subjects prescribed by the CBSE, delhi are taught.

(i) English communicative (ii) Hindi (course A)
(iii) Mathematics (iv) Science & Technology
(v) Social Science    


(d) Other Subjects
FIT, Art Education, Work- Experience (Painting, Tie & Dye, Pot Painting, Fabric Painting, Embroidery, Knitting etc.) Physical Health Education / Games Environmental Education, First-Aid, Yoga, Home Science.

(e) Senior Secondary Classes:(XI & XII)

Compulsory Subject language: English core
(i) Physics (ii) Biology or Maths/Bio with Maths
(iii) Chemistry (iv) Computer Science/Physical Education/Home Science/Music/Painting/Multi-Media & Web Technology.
(i) Accountancy (ii) Business Studies
(iii) Economics/Eco with Maths (iv) Home Science/Computer Science/Physical Education/Music/Painting/Multi-Media & Web Technology.
Note: Students can select any four subjects out of the following: English literature, Hindi, Political Science, History, Geography, Economics, Home Science, Computer Science, Physical Education, Music, Painting Multi-Media & Web Technology.

Inculcate the sense of responsibility to take his tasks in life earnest and discharge them well; Prepare pupils to play different kinds of roles as members of a group, community, or society;


(f) Other SubjectsGeneral studies/ general foundation course, work experience and physical & health education and environmental education.
Note: class strength is upto 40 students in each class/section.