janmashthmi celebration ...

#LORD KRISHNA , the eighth Avtar of Lord #VISHNU undisputed and unrivaled master of the universe,
Who held the fate of the emperors in the palm of his hand but never desired throne.
Whose fiendly affection is required by severals #Sudamas
Whose protection is needed by several #Draupadis .
Who was born in a #prison and died in solitude in a #forest ..
His birthday was solemnised with the most extensive fervour
The entire premises of #Rishabh Academy was laden with scent
The environment was filled with Rosy light it was so sublime and bright .
All efforts were made to give the festival an extremely decorated look ...
Several #jhankis and acts were displayed from when the prison walls were brimmed with the aura of the new born to ..he as a #Sarthi in #Mahabharata ..Students enliven the entire aura .. honourable principal , management ,vice principal chief co-ordinator ,chief proctor appreciated the efforts of students who have shown beautiful creativity under the sheer tutilage of teachers.

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