divine flame

Divine flame


Spiritual development is the process of growing the intrinsic human capacity for self transcendence , in which the self is imbibed in something greater then itself , including the sacred . It is the developmental ‘‘engine’’ that propels the search for connectedness , meaning purpose , and contribution . It is shaped both within and outside of religion traditions, beliefs ,and practices .

Jain muni sri Virag Sagar Ji  maharaj and muni Sri  Viharsh Sagar ji    accompanied with 82 Jain saints   made the soil of rishabh academy pious and devout . followers venerate them with 21 pooja  thals .   Maharaj ji not only laid emphasis on revival of old and gold customs of glorious tenets but  also composite references in view of the today’s intemperate world . The  people of each section of society congregated and made their soul sacred by rejuvenating and imbibing  holy dips in the knowledge sea . He further elaborated the significance of Jain theories to convert the existing tumultuous  life into meaningful and God purported  gene  .


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